Self-protection classes will focus on the basic skill sets needed to protect yourself and survive a violent encounter. Based on the Core Combatives system (C2) founded by Mick Coup, it provides battle-tested techniques and principles, both practical and simple.
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Survival Instincts
This training will make you aware that you were born with an inner ability to prevent violence. Nowadays however, we tend to rely on external things for our safety, such as the police, the government and security systems. You will get to know your instincts, learn about the manipulation techniques criminals use and that situational context is a reliable indicator of violence.
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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and workshops offered by Zjoo Zjitsoo can be customized and tailor-made. They can be basic and simple, or more advanced. The intended audience is formed by judo clubs, traditional jiu-jitsu academies and MMA schools who like to improve their groundfighting skills.
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All trainings can be taught in English and Dutch.

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